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This riddle will surely test everyone

This riddle will surely test everyone. You are given many clues and have to figure out its identity. Let’s see how sharp your brain is. Only people with a sharp brain can figure it out, let’s see if you are one of those.

Have I made my identity clear?

man axe ruler girl queen bicycle riddle answer

Many call me The Man with the Axe
But I’m not a violent man
I am the ruler (though some challenge the facts)
of a minor, yet important, clan.

I am not a sailor at sea on a ship,
yet a deck is where I can be found.
People say I am a girl’s best friend,
but not when my Queen is around!

I am usually seen on a Bicycle’s front,
but I can neither peddle nor steer.
I become even stronger if I am named Trump.
Have I made my identity clear?


Riddle Answer:

I am the King(K) of Diamonds() in a deck of playing cards.

Man axe ruler girl queen bicycle riddle answer explanation:

The King of Diamonds holds a large axe over his shoulder.

Some may argue that an Ace is the top rank of a suit. However, a king also carries a lot of weight in card games.
In bridge, clubs and diamonds are minor suits.
And as everyone knows, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
Bicycle is a popular brand of playing card
In bridge, the trump suit beats any card from other suits

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