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Viral Brainteaser Caterpillar Flower Clock

Math brain teasers are always fun to solve. Here is another brain teaser. Can you solve brain teasers with caterpillars, flowers and clocks? You are given 3 equations and need to answer the 4th equation.

Viral Brainteaser Caterpillar Flower Clock

Caterpillar flower clock brainteaser answer

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Answer of brain teaser Caterpillar, flower and clock:



First Equation

There are 3 caterpillars each with a flower so one caterpillar with flower is equal to 7

Second Equation

2 clocks each with 6 o’clock as time and one caterpillar which is equal to 7 so each clock is equal to 6

Third equation

Flower + Clock + Caterpillar with Flower = 15

Flower + 6 + 7 = 15 which means Flower is equal to 2 also, it means that Caterpillar is equal to 5 ( 7 – 2)

Last Equation

Caterpillar without flower + 2*(flower)*Clock = ?

Note: Caterpillar has 6 sections instead of 5 earlier and clock is at 5 o’clock instead of 6.

so equation is 6 + 2*(2)*5 = 26

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