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Logicross Crossword Puzzle Game All Levels Answers

Logicross is a crossword puzzle game where you are given some hints and need to find words to make a sentence.

It is not always easy to solve crosswords and sometimes you need help. Here are answers for the first 150 levels in the Logicross puzzle game.

Logicross Crossword Puzzle Game Answers 1-150 levels

Level 1Steel bars that form a railroad track: RAIL
Opposite of cold: HOT
___ down on this chair, please: SIT
A North American country: USA
Level 2Fire in the ___!: HOLE
Spirit: SOUL
Enemy: FOE
Find an answer or solution: SOLVE
A run-down dwelling: HOVEL
Blend together: FUSE
Lots of laughs: LOL
Water sprayer: HOSE
Wrong move in a sport: FOUL
Your truest identity: SELF
Opposite of win: LOSE
Level 3Look! A shooting ___!: STAR
We live on this planet: EARTH
Amber ___ issued for a missing teen!: ALERT
Intelligent or clever: SMART
Inflicting damage: HARM
Story or narrative: TALE
Toothed wheel that transmit motion or power: GEAR
A framework of parallel or crossed bars: GRATE
Go from solid to liquid: MELT
Aromatic plant with grayish-green leaves: SAGE
Thermal energy: HEAT
Level 4___ Eastwood. a famous old actor: CLINT
Cheese loving vermin: MOUSE
Lips touch: KISS
Feeling unwell: SICK
Neck__, a piece of cloth: TIE
The New York ____ Magazine: TIMES
Short for microphone: MIC
Frozen water: ICE
Attack with a leg: KICK
Underground digging animal: MOLE
Thin square covering: TILE
Touch with tongue: LICK
Level 5Matador’s enemy: BULL
Johnny ___, aka Captain Sparrow: DEPP
Professional meal preparer: COOK
Health ___ or auto ___: INSURANCE
Landing stage for boats: PIER
Yellow and long fruit: BANANA
The darkest color: BLACK
Keeps a house safe: LOCK
___ a book: READ
Our biggest light and heat source: SUN
Something that can be eaten safely: EDIBLE
Don’t break any ____!: RULES
Level 6___ Perry, pop singer: KATY
Hair made of curls: CURLY
Heavy armored war vehicle: TANK
7 of them in a week: DAY
Shopping ___: CART
Not wet: DRY
Not enemy: ALLY
Good ___ to you!: LUCK
Soft earth that can be molded: CLAY
A kind of pet: CAT
3 feet or 36 inches: YARD
Political mass meeting: RALLY
Level 7Waterfall from clouds: RAIN
Not far: NEAR
___ Man, Tony Stark: IRON
Emotion caused by a threat: FEAR
Gardening tool: HOE
High quality: FINE
We need it to breathe: AIR
A non-flowering plant: FERN
Brave and noble: HERO
Not off: ON
Large animal with a horn: RHINO
Toward the front: FORE
Level 8Colorful part of plants: FLOWER
___ Smith, slapping actor: WILL
To form letters on a surface: WRITE
A wild member of the dog family: WOLF
Has rooms to rent: HOTEL
It’s not ___ it: WORTH
Mental sharpness: WIT
A folder of documents: FILE
Opposite of right: LEFT
Cry of a wolf or dog: HOWL
Cars have 4 of them: TIRE
Raise something: LIFT
Level 9___ Musk: ELON
Not hard: SOFT
Tiny, usually six-legged creature: INSECT
1/100 of $: CENT
Not short: LONG
A thin cut: SLICE
Barrier made of wood: FENCE
Boneless meat or fish: FILET
Space directly under the roof: LOFT
Burn slightly: SINGE
Flint___ cartoon: STONES
Give something without payment: GIFT
Level 10___ Grande, pop singer: ARIANA
Device to take photos or record videos: CAMERA
Performs in movies, plays or TV shows: ACTOR
Capital of Italy: ROME
Metal piece used as a currency: COIN
Love affair: ROMANCE
Experienced guide: MENTOR
Relates to sea or ocean: MARINE
Cosmic snowball: COMET
Identifies a person: NAME
Makes a car go faster: NITRO
Let’s draw a happy ___ here: TREE
Level 11Not afraid: BRAVE
Has 5 fingers: HAND
___ Downey Jr.: ROBERT
Suffer from lack of food: STARVE
Don’t feed the ___ cats: STRAY
Narrative of events: STORY
Feeling weary: BORED
Air tunnel: VENT
Farm animal house: BARN
Provide shelter or refuge: HARBORED
Thin strand of fiber: THREAD
Group of musicians: BAND
Level 12____ Messi: LIONEL
Not slow: FAST
United ____ Service: POSTAL
Superman wears one: CAPE
Drugs in Star Wars: SPICE
Young child or baby: INFANT
Organized group: FACTION
Its waste threatens the oceans: PLASTIC
Steep rock face: CLIFF
To turn: FLIP
Block the light of a celestial body: ECLIPSE
Writing or drawing instrument: PENCIL
Level 13After 9: TEN
Liam ___, action movie star: NEESON
Gives verdict in a court: JURY
___ Dracula: COUNT
Summer month: JUNE
Indian spice: CURRY
Sharon ____: STONE
Put ice cream on it: CONE
Attempt to do something: TRY
Turn a wheel: STEER
Say to apologize: SORRY
Red in French: ROUJE
Level 14Leads the employees: BOSS
Biggest search engine: GOOGLE
___ Radcliffe, Harry Potter: DANIEL
A color between blue and green: TEAL
Open a hole in ground: DIG
Contract between lessor-lessee: LEASE
Attack with mouth: BITE
Angry bees do this: STING
Not truth: LIE
Water vehicle: BOAT
Fall down slowly: GLIDE
A type of coffee: LATTE
Level 15Spitting animal: LLAMA
Mark it on a calendar: DATE
Top part of human body: HEAD
Obscure yourself: HIDE
Fermented honey and water: MEAD
Small village: HAMLET
Shop of prepared foods: DELI
In perfect condition: IDEAL
You got ___!: MAIL
Lower the light: DIM
End of life: DEATH
Level 16___ Hathaway: ANNA
Ability to do something well: SKILL
Opposite of thin: FAT
Large town: CITY
Opposite of slow: FAST
___ 911 now!: CALL
Very soft and smooth fabric: SILK
Turns to blow air: FAN
Look above and see: SKY
Connects two things: LINK
Harbinger of a shark: FIN
Silvery-white metal: TIN
Level 17Be in a move into or sloping position: LEAN
Cabbage __: PATCH
The cold US state attached to Canada: ALASKA
Use the mind: THINK
Dissertation Scholarly Piece Of Work: THESIS
Urban railway system: METRO
Cheddar or mozzarella: CHEESE
Not rich: POOR
Opposite of South: NORTH
Head protector: HELMET
Instance of a particular situation: CASE
Sky high cost, right up in space: ASTRONOMICAL
Level 18Fatty Portion Of Milk: BUTTERFAT
Ray of light: BEAM
Usually cooked in a ___ cooker: RICE
Military branch for the infantry: ARMY
Denoting a person that’s different from the known one: OTHER
Black bird with ugly voice: CROW
Building in which goods are manufactured: FACTORY
Covered in moisture: WET
The hearing organ: EAR
Gift to the naughty kids: COAL
Creeping invertebrate with no limbs: WORM
Sweeper: BROOM
Level 19____’s up?: WHAT
Getting older: AGING
Hearing-impaired: DEAF
2.205 pounds: KILO
Soil-dwelling creatures, used as fish bait: EARTHWORM
In Between Front And Rear Equal Distance: MIDDLE
Bass Speaker: WOOFER
___fighters fight against it: FIRE
Large room for meetings: HALL
Cloth woven from flax: LINEN
Canine Battle: DOGFIGHT
Level 20Lower leg joint: ANKLE
What is owed: DEBT
Jumping into water: DIVE
Liquid sprayed by a squid: INK
Spherical optical organ: EYEBALL
Container for coke and beans: CAN
Not good: BAD
Vladimir …, leader of Russian Revolution in 1917: LENIN
Coin worth five cents: NICKEL
Tummy: BELLY
Opposite of good: EVIL
Seven Years In __, 1997 film about mountaineering: TIBET
Level 21A husband’s female partner: WIFE
60 of them in a minute: SECOND
Food heater: OVEN
Clue: HINT
Moral rule: ETHIC
Rolling ones are moss free: STONES
Organized And Not Wasteful: EFFICIENT
Neverending: INFINITE
Partitions, splits: DIVISIONS
Professional cook: CHEF
Imagine Picture The Future: ENVISION
Number after fourteen: FIFTEEN
Level 22Take unlawfully: STEAL
Strap that restrains a dog: LEASH
Excess body weight: FAT
Untied: LOOSE
Lacking interest: DULL
Party giver: HOST
Touched Hand To Cap Like A Soldier: SALUTED
Illegal tackle: FOUL
Himalayan mountain, fourth highest in the world: LHOTSE
Level 23Large number of bugs occupying somewhere: INFEST
Sharply inclined: STEEP
Evaporation from boiling water: STEAM
Pickle or can veggies so that they last: PRESERVE
Confirming accuracy of something: VERIFY
Side of a mountain or a cliff: FACE
Gigantic: MASSIVE
Stumbles, falls: TRIPS
Flawed, defective: IMPERFECT
Large primate with no tail.: APE
See-throughness: TRANSPARENCY
Large number of people crowded together: MASS
Level 24Causes coke to explode: MENTOS
Pitch and intonation of the voice: TONE
Very small arachnid with four pairs of legs: MITE
Reptile With A Hard Shell: TORTOISE
Take a break: REST
Greek god of thunder: ZEUS
Inter Connected Hotel Rooms: SUITE
Those Up For An Award: NOMINEES
To all __ and purposes; in essence: INTENTS
Revolve: TURN
More Wet Humid Or Clammy: MOISTER
Calm state of mind associated with meditation: ZEN
Level 25Honest, genuine: TRUTHFUL
State of being unknown or mysterious: OBSCURITY
Monkey or ape: PRIMATE
Injure: WOUND
Small pieces of dead skin in someone’s hair: DANDRUFF
Surrounds the world with 7 layers: ATMOSPHERE
A farm animal: COW
Sixty seconds: MINUTE
Two Way Talking Devices: INTERCOMS
Officially sanctioned: FORMAL
Santa ___ brings gifts: CLAUS
Professional speedster: RACER
Level 26Long vehicle that carries passengers: BUS
A circular Italian food: PIZZA
Emotional damage caused by crime, disaster: TRAUMA
Burning a dead body: CREMATION
To speak in length passionately; rhymes with pant: RANT
Attacking another country, incursion: INVASION
A bad sign if you hear them when alone: VOICES
Early humans that lived in caves: CAVEMEN
One who flees: ESCAPER
Performs spectacular gymnastic feats: ACROBAT
Japanese name for Japan: NIPPON
Top of the milk: CREAM
Level 27Plural of that: THOSE
To throw garbage on the ground: LITTER
Title of a Christian minister: REVEREND
French word for “she” or a lifestyle magazine: ELLE
Solo, solitary: LONE
One tenth of a US dollar: DIME
Jeans material: DENIM
Square root of 81: NINE
Protestant Who Follows Teachings Of Wesleys: METHODIST
Shout over a distance: HOLLER
Deer meet: VENISON
Level 28Animated character: TOON
Turn the ___ of the book: PAGE
Mythical giant: TITAN
Holiday or trip away from home: VACATION
Driving very close to the car in front: TAILGATE
Treaty: PACT
Prisoner: CAPTIVE
Disguised: INCOGNITO
An Actual Place A Site: LOCATION
Portion of the lower back between ribs and hips: LOIN
Venting Expressing In Speech: VOICING
Achieve: ATTAIN
Level 29Post Life Ceremony: FUNERAL
Marine: NAVAL
Roman house: VILLA
You die if this organ stops: HEART
Sale of goods to the public: RETAIL
Organ damaged by excessive amount of alcohol: LIVER
Monetary worth: VALUE
Austrias Capital City: VIENNA
To Deny An Accusation: REFUTE
Century When Christopher Columbus Was Born: FIFTEENTH
Falls from trees in fall: LEAF
Gasoline: FUEL
Level 30Fortress On High Ground: CITADEL
Bright Intelligent: BRILLIANT
Hold on just a second: WAIT
Marie Antoinette’s solution: CAKE
Newspaper issue: EDITION
Kind of fair hair: BLONDE
Sheep sound: BAA
Keanu Reeves’ part in The Matrix: NEO
Made A Hen Noise: CLUCKED
Medieval upper class: NOBLE
Black liquid that brings lots of money: OIL
Level 31Lengthy: LONG
Makes dirty or foul: SOILS
Seal set into a ring: SIGNET
Under, below: BENEATH
Third Baltic state, along with Latvia and Estonia: LITHUANIA
Existence: BEING
Classic Song You Are My My Only: SUNSHINE
The item that is pounded by a hammer: NAIL
__ and bustle, lively activity: HUSTLE
Sound of gun: SHOT
Surrounding of a place by armed forces: SIEGE
Brings Into Line: ALIGNS
Level 32Upwards direction: NORTH
Really should have done something: OUGHT
Worshipped: REVERED
Courtroom promise: OATH
Exhibited: SHOWN
Leather maker: TANNER
Decorative fabric floor coverings: RUGS
Very loud, like applause or a lightning storm: THUNDEROUS
Dirty, in need of a clean: UNWASHED
Long and narrow building: TOWER
Take the limelight from others: OVERSHADOW
Broken After Losing Someone: HEARTED
Level 33Very strong: INTENSE
Heavy vehicle for transporting goods: LORRY
Advantage Gain In Doing Something: BENEFIT
Uses watercolors: PAINTS
Tissue or cloth used at a dinner table: NAPKIN
Science Fiction Genre Victorian And Industrial: STEAMPUNK
Electronic letters: EMAILS
Blood Filtering Organ: SPLEEN
Carved for Halloween: PUMPKIN
Not female: MALE
Someone Who Passes On Knowledge To Police: INFORMANT
Level 34What the org domain name denotes: ORGANIZATION
Evil spirit or demon: FIEND
A person who works with stone: MASON
Opposite of “for” in an argument: AGAINST
Word meanings found in a dictionary: DEFINITIONS
Make a link, “connect the __”: DOTS
Strong love: ADORE
Abrupt alternate right and left turns.: ZIGZAG
Monetary punishment: FINE
Respectful Hindu greeting: NAMASTE
State of being known by many: FAME
Plunge into liquid: IMMERSE
Level 35Slim or slender: THIN
Emitting a soft light: GLOW
Completely filled: FULL
Musical composition: SONG
Fermented grapes: WINE
Used for wiping floors: MOP
A single entity: UNIT
Precious stone: GEM
Moist or damp: WET
The king of the animals: LION
A large feather: PLUME
Christmas season weather: SNOW
Level 36Turn to liquid: MELT
Say, produce words: UTTER
To make something less or fewer: REDUCE
Twist, become unrecognizable: CONTORT
Hanging cloth used as a blind: DRAPE
Manage: COPE
Not shallow: DEEP
Not closed: OPEN
Garment worn to protect the cook’s clothes: APRON
Undercover DEA agent: NARC
Foot-operated lever on a sewing machine: TREADLE
Religious sister: NUN
Level 37Brad …, Golden-Globe winner American actor: PITT
Spherical object: BALL
A dangerous or unfortunate situation: PLIGHT
Tall glass For cocktails: HIGHBALL
The stopper that blocks the hole in a sink: PLUG
Semi liquid mash: PULP
Not heavy: LIGHT
Jack & Jill went up a hill to fetch a __ of water: PAIL
Sick, ailing: ILL
Jar lid that’s difficult to loosen: TIGHT
Vowel change in related words or forms: ABLAUT
Cigarette end: BUTT
Level 38To Persuade: CONVINCE
Painful muscle contraction: CRAMP
Employee: WORKER
Gesturing to signal you’ve seen someone: WAVING
Karl ___: MARX
Skim over: SCAN
School test: EXAM
House Of Part Of The British Parliament: COMMONS
Not cold: WARM
Espresso With Added Hot Water: AMERICANO
T-___ dinosaur: REX
Sheep’s gift: WOOL
Level 39An action to deceive someone: RUSE
A device controlling air or water through a pipe: VALVE
Rare In Short Supply: SCARCE
Tension: STRESS
Waterlogged, boggy: MARSHY
Katy Perry song about a triumphant sound: ROAR
Majestic: ROYAL
You Might Rest On These Plants If You Stop Trying: LAURELS
Medical Term For A Corn: CLAVUS
School That Aristotle Founded In Athens: LYCEUM
Warms up: HEATS
Load on a ship or lorry: HAUL
Level 40Upper part of the human body: HEAD
Squeeze someone tightly: HUG
A User Of Twitter: TWEETER
Harry ____: POTTER
Small, red, peppery veggies added to a salad: RADISHES
Adhesive: GLUE
Johann Bernhard Inventor Of The Chiroplast: LOGIER
Secret den, place of concealment: HIDEOUT
Claims a crime has been committed: ALLEGES
American business known for its plastic containers: TUPPERWARE
Ex-student, throwing their cap in the air: GRADUATE
Compose A Book Anew: REWRITE
Level 41Make Longer: LENGTHEN
Smooth-looking hair: SLEEK
Nixon’s biggest scandal: WATERGATE
A furry friend: DOG
Direct descent: LINEAGE
Commercial companies for global plane travel: AIRLINES
Natural Style Of Flooring Usually Brown: HARDWOOD
Princess Unikitty’s snappy bodyguard: HAWKODILE
Shoe parts: HEELS
Without the part of the body where the eyes are: HEADLESS
One Going Back In A Commitment: RENEGER
Japanese producer of Gameboy and Wii: NINTENDO
Level 42Urgent request for funds or support: APPEAL
Toy in human form: DOLL
Scarce, seldom seen: RARE
Sticker on a car: DECAL
Country whose cities include London and Manchester: ENGLAND
Singer/songwriter John from the Beatles: LENNON
Informal group of friends: GANG
Full Of Rage Annoyed: ANGERED
Princess Leias Home Planet In Star Wars Films: ALDERAAN
Forgiven For A Crime: PARDONED
Chris Lead Vocalist Of Soundgarden: CORNELL
Harmony: ACCORD
Level 43Male parent, informally: DAD
Deep, wide pit from which stone is extracted: QUARRY
Brought To Life Delivered: BIRTHED
Sparkly, shiny: GLITTERY
Garbage: TRASH
Dog Breed That Snoopy Belongs To: BEAGLE
Public swimming pool: BATHS
Spats Arguments: QUARRELS
Have faith in: TRUST
Suffered with, upset, unsettled: AILED
Object Used To Remove Pencil Errors: ERASER
Lumpy or swollen: BULGY
Level 44Thin piece of wood: STICK
Harbor: PORT
Made A Heartfelt Plea: APPEALED
Tube to relieve the build up of fluids: DRAIN
Protective eye screen on a motorbike helmet: VISOR
Special event: OCCASION
Italian Music Notation Meaning Lively: VIVACE
Subject to one or more requirements: CONDITIONAL
Jams and pickles: PRESERVES
Lumpy ash and coal residues: CLINKERS
Journalist’s written piece: ARTICLE
To say you’re guilty or not guilty; to beg: PLEAD
Level 45An Instructional Video Of How To Do Something: TUTORIAL
Camaro Auto Makers: CHEVROLET
When tickets aren’t available for a concert: SELLOUT
Spoken narration on top of video: VOICEOVER
Place Where You Live Dwelling Place: RESIDENCE
Coming against the authority: REVOLT
La Cannes Tree Lined Boulevard: CROISETTE
Raising from the dead: RESURRECTION
Teen Anime Warrior Moon: SAILOR
Body part served on a platter as harsh punishment: HEAD
Lisa Of House And Girlfriends Guide To Divorce: EDELSTEIN
Glassy Materials Study Of Glassware: VITRICS
Level 46Honey beer: MEAD
Inebriated: TIGHT
Vendors Traders: SELLERS
Extinguish a fire: DOUSE
Governed By Rules And Legislation: REGULATED
What we breath in: AIR
Ideas that pop into one’s mind: THOUGHTS
Swedish mulled wine: GLOGG
Author Dashiell, who wrote The Maltese Falcon: HAMMETT
Appears to be: SEEMS
Broke into a million bits: SMASHED
Right To Use Properties Bought For Vacations: TIMESHARE
Level 47Tidy: NEAT
Justification: REASON
A person who poses for a portrait: SITTER
Pumps blood: HEART
A decorative knot of ribbon: BOW
Take offense, get __ out of shape: BENT
Cold seasons: WINTERS
Egyptian Hippo Goddess Stands On Two Feet: TAWERET
Shot Of Espresso With Ground Coffee: RISTRETTO
Future Past Or Present In Linguistics: TENSES
Mountain Pass Between Italy And Austria Pass: BRENNER
Dennis The Menaces Pet Pig Friend: RASHER
Level 48Large gun from the 16th century: MUSKET
Arrive: COME
Pictures of people, taken with a camera: PHOTOS
Start a criminal case against someone: PROSECUTE
Verifier One Who Vets Crossword Clues: CHECKER
Impeach: ACCUSE
Title given to Indian nationalist leader Gandhi: MAHATMA
The Most Veracious: TRUEST
Pieces Peanut Butter In Sugar Shells: REESES
Amusing Soppy Love Movie: ROMCOM
Heron-like bird said to deliver babies: STORK
Tomato sauce condiment: KETCHUP
Level 49Lessen the impact of something: BUFFER
Undersurface of a person’s foot: SOLE
Scaling a rock face: CLIMBING
Warm ____ animals: BLOODED
Rhino headgrowth: HORN
Playboys Founder Notorious Bachelor: HEFNER
Young innocent female protagonist: INGENUE
The past tense of wear: WORE
John __, writer of The French Lieutenant’s Woman: FOWLES
Upper Brain Parts: CEREBRUMS
Signed Up Eg To A Course: ENROLLED
Level 50Folk story with animals or legendary creatures: FABLE
Female medic who births babies: MIDWIFE
Actions speak louder than ___: WORDS
Gadget, misc. item: DOODAD
Allan Poe Suggested A Solution For This Paradox: OLBERS
Elections Halfway Through A Presidency: MIDTERMS
Can Be Satisfied Or Appeased: SATIABLE
Renault Mid Range Van Badly Spelled Conjestion: TRAFIC
Accommodation for prisoners: CELLS
Investigative Reporter Who Brought Nixon Down: WOODWARD
Level 51Fearsome: SCARY
The sport of shooting primitive pointy sticks: ARCHERY
A cavalry unit does this toward the enemy: CHARGE
Order issued by a legal authority: DECREE
Make larger in size or number: INCREASE
Home of the gods in Norse mythology: ASGARD
Member Of A 1st Century Palestinian Sect: ESSENE
Proverbs, idioms, or aphorisms: SAYINGS
Maradona And Argentine Soccer Duo: CANIGGIA
Sussex Cambs College Attended By Cromwell: SIDNEY
A Common Element To Fraternities And Societies: SECRECY
Level 52Something that has been installed permanently: FIXTURE
___ this letter for me: READ
Kristen ___, star of Twilight: STEWART
Pulled out of a contest: WITHDREW
Business dealings; current occurrences: AFFAIRS
__ Arabia: SAUDI
Bridal colour: WHITE
Therefore, because: THUS
Entirely focused or obsessed by: FIXATED
Formal Exposition Dissertation: TREATISE
Georges Dotty French Painter: SEURAT
Baseball fans often obsess over this area of math: STATS
Level 53Brand new creations: INVENTIONS
Something left out: OMISSION
Thick liquid to moisturize the skin: LOTION
Orangey red parts of a fire: FLAMES
Pasta dish with flat sheet layers: LASAGNE
Breakfast item with a hole in it: BAGEL
Storybook writer: NOVELIST
Downfalls Shortcomings: FAILINGS
Commit an offense or fault: SIN
Park Jamaican Test Cricket Ground In Kingston: SABINA
Dress Worn By Christian Clergy: VESTMENTS
Red salad vegetable used to make a pomodoro sauce: TOMATO
Level 54Placing bets with money: GAMBLING
The M in a car’s MPH: MILES
Expression of relief or sorrow: SIGH
Properties With Large Houses On Them: ESTATES
Police’s favorite food: DONUT
Cutting a cake: SLICING
Plans or plots: SCHEMES
Digestive Organ Found Before The Small Intestine: STOMACH
One Of The Parts Of The Small Intestine: DUODENUM
Revisions to written text: EDITS
Morally Compelled: OBLIGATED
Carrying Capacity Of A Ship: TONNAGE
Level 55Cause resentfulness with careless comments: OFFEND
Banned by social norms: TABOO
Pollute: TAINT
One of ten digits on your foot: TOE
As far as something can go: LIMIT
Country-wide; affecting an entire country: NATIONAL
Come clean: ADMIT
Banged a minor depression in a vehicle panel: DINTED
Catholic pulpit: AMBO
Single Celled Alga: DIATOM
Nationality of a native of Tirana: ALBANIAN
To disappear gradually: FADE
Level 56Particular abilities, expertise: SKILLS
Severely, punishingly; acridly: HARSHLY
Hard, icy precipitation: HAIL
Short smoothbore gun for firing shells: MORTAR
Joint linking the arm and hand: WRIST
Being In Good Physical And Mental Condition: HEALTHY
Unsteady, at risk of collapsing: SHAKY
A Careless Comment: THROWAWAY
Anne __, the heroine of Green Gables: SHIRLEY
Lead Singer Of The Smiths: MORRISSEY
Kebab Sticks: SKEWERS
A Dark Sweet Sherry: AMOROSO
Level 57Leaning: TILTING
Getting rid of toxic substances: DETOX
The act of standing guard for an attack: DEFENSE
Control Used From A Distance: REMOTE
Converse, talk: CHAT
Distresses Or Upsets: MISERIES
A set of three: TRIO
Coarse Grained Metamorphic Rock: GNEISS
Earth’s center: CORE
Immersive-style cinema with giant screens: IMAX
Purchase Of Shares To Threaten A Hostile Takeover: GREENMAIL
Level 58Backbone-related: SPINAL
Imaginary, extraordinary; dreamlike, not real: SURREAL
The floor of a fireplace: HEARTH
Swashbuckler in the movie Mask of ___: ZORRO
Motivates: INSPIRES
Not real imposter: FAKE
On the web: ONLINE
Parentless, like Annie: ORPHAN
Brief look: PEEK
Defects In Something Errors: FAULTS
Opioid developed as a morphine substitute: HEROIN
Diseases That Animals Can Transmit To Humans: ZOONOSES
Level 59Someone who bridges between two parties: MIDDLEMAN
Robbing or taking property without permission: STEALING
Pal, chum: BUDDY
Sharp claw of a bird of prey: TALON
Flying space rocks: METEORS
Trench at the road edge where water runs down: GUTTER
Guardianship: TUTELAGE
Natalie Had A Hit Song Called Torn: IMBRUGLIA
Australian Word For Crashing Like A Car: BINGLING
Idle scribbles: DOODLES
A wispy flower that you blow to make a wish: DANDELIONS
Desirable or useful feature or service: AMENITY
Level 60Directs an orchestra: CONDUCTOR
A religious offense or fault: SIN
A person over the age of 21: ADULT
Small birds with short coned beaks to eat seeds: FINCH
Sherlock _____: HOLMES
Covered with liquid: WET
Alexander Hamilton, politically: FEDERALIST
Member Of Yossarian39s Crew In Catch 22: SNOWDEN
Darth Maul and Darth __ were in Episode 1: SIDIOUS
Small Marine Animal Of The Malacanthidae Family: TILEFISH
Catcher’s baseball glove: MITT
Run into: COLLIDE
Level 61Meaty steak cut from a cow’s hindquarters: RUMP
Winter accessory: SCARF
Floats over seas: BOAT
Cereal crop: CORN
Sleeps upside down: BAT
Crowding someone: MOBBING
Active Volcano On Luzon In The Philippines: PINATUBO
It determines the winner after a tie: RUNOFF
Extreme weight loss procedure: __ Surgery: BARIATRIC
Italian island off the coast of Naples: CAPRI
Wiping and cleansing a hard floor with water: MOPPING
No ifs, ands, or __: BUTS
Level 62Person on a bus, plane or train: PASSENGER
Shows up, comes into view: APPEARS
People count these animals to fall asleep: SHEEP
Fragile decorative object: VASE
Expressing astonishment: WOW
Cultivated plant: CROP
Terrifies: SCARES
To trade, exchange: SWAP
Flight To Louis XVIs Dash To Safety: VARENNES
Dame Edna __, a Melbourne housewife and megastar!: EVERAGE
Long wrap around skirt popular in many countries: SARONG
A garden tool for turning over loose soil: HOE
Level 63North American farmer/herder: COWBOY
Gather up: COLLECT
Models or dolls operated by ventriloquists: PUPPETS
Skeleton substance: BONE
The one who fights in the sport of wrestling: WRESTLER
It’s a particle of light: PHOTON
Disease causing loss of sensitivity: LEPROSY
Soft, round, French hats: BERETS
A dry kind of humor: WRY
News accounts: REPORTS
Two Door Cars: COUPES
Seats Of Kings And Queens: THRONES
Level 64Covers cuts and wounds: PLASTER
Not wrong: CORRECT
A puffy chips brand: CHEETOS
Cultivate it: SOIL
He is a Navy ___: SEAL
Sharp tooth: FANG
Enjoyable: PLEASANT
Eating bones: TEETH
Artificial waterway: CANAL
Soft, low voice or tone: CROON
Lack of good sense or judgment: FOOLISHNESS
Level 65One of a pair of foot coverings: SOCK
Small ornamental case: LOCKETS
Sea creature that inflates when attacked: BLOWFISH
Couch: SOFA
Bend muscles: FLEX
Knot for fastening one rope to another: HITCH
Brochure: LEAFLET
Storage in the roof: ATTIC
The Sources Of Information In A Course: TEXTBOOKS
Stresses The 2nd And 4th Beats Of A 4 Beat Measure: BACKBEAT
Area of the sea where the water is not deep: SHALLOWS
Thorny tree found in African savannahs: ACACIA
Level 66Fail to mention, leave out: OMIT
Autonomous computer program: BOT
Taking place, scheduled: HAPPENING
Natural community of flora and fauna: BIOME
Proficient in yoga: YOGI
Flavored like an IPA beer: HOPPY
Begin The Timeless Song By Cole Porter: BEGUINE
Very large: GIANT
Imaginary person, feared by naughty children: BOGEYMAN
A tropical storm: TYPHOON
Barack __: OBAMA
Level 67Body part connecting the head to the torso: NECK
High chance of failure: RISK
Educator at a university: PROFESSOR
He confessed under ___: DURESS
Microsoft video chat app: SKYPE
Foolish: SILLY
One’s favored option: PREFERENCE
Meet The Sequel To Meet The Parents: FOCKERS
Voucher: COUPON
Liquid transport systems: PIPELINES
Tidy rows: LINES
Rode a bike: CYCLED
Level 68Brown sweet fizzy beverage: COLA
Changed, altered: MODIFIED
Something repeated on Twitter: RETWEETED
Slow moving ice mountains: GLACIERS
Mealtime prayer: GRACE
Occupies all the space in something: FILLS
Sword Dangerous Circus Act: SWALLOWER
Failed to hit a target: MISSED
Long Running 21st Century Teen Drama: DEGRASSI
One Who Rejects The Accepted Explanation To Facts: TROOFER
Mackenzie Crook39s Pirates Of The Caribbean Role: RAGETTI
Person who betrayed Jesus: Judas __: ISCARIOT
Level 69Comprehend written words: READ
Practitioner of mindfulness: MEDITATOR
Heavenly headwear: HALO
A crafter of fine adornments to be worn: JEWELER
Relative proportion: RATIO
Working from a distance, not in the office: REMOTELY
Small Dog Of A Breed That Hunts Digs: TERRIER
Deserving: WORTHY
The capital of Spain: MADRID
Sense of musical beat: RHYTHM
Misfortune Reversal: WHAMMY
Sport Played On A Court With Curved Wicker Basket: JAIALAI
Level 70Large Heavy Knife: MACHETE
One who flees from somewhere: ESCAPER
Delete: ERASE
Baseball stick: BAT
Give guidance: ADVISE
Marshmallow cooker: CAMPFIRE
Fascinator Or Tiara For Example: HEADPIECE
Longfin Is Native To Australia: SPADEFISH
Korean Rice Dish With An Egg On Top: BIBIMBAP
Helpful hints: TIPS
Pieces of cloth worn around the neck: CRAVATS
Level 71Opposite of a winner: LOSER
What tourists do when they look around: SIGHTSEE
Stay around: LINGERED
Taking a longer route: DETOUR
In the open air: OUTDOORS
A grassy slope: HILLSIDE
White __; costly, aged, crumbly cheese: STILTON
Gave a new name: RETITLED
Sinister, causing gradual harm: INSIDIOUS
Style derived from the past: RETRO
Red __ are clues to lead a reader astray: HERRINGS
Thoughts: NOTIONS
Level 72Teddy bears are named after this American president: ROOSEVELT
Excited expectation: ANTICIPATION
Gathering of the crops for consumption: HARVEST
Distant: FAR
Publish: ISSUE
Fat in the blood that we need to reduce: CHOLESTEROL
Makes off quickly, like exiting a crime scene: SCARPERS
Yogurt Served Very Cold Popular In South Africa: TUTTIS
The Aussie Band Who Made Reptilian Overlord: CASANOVAS
Spongy Italian square of bread with herbs on top: FOCACCIA
Onomatopoeic Type Of Sandal: FLIPFLOP
Level 73Peanut housing: SHELL
Adolescent: TEEN
Footwear: SHOES
Make it understandable in another language: TRANSLATE
Run-through ahead of a performance: REHEARSAL
When empty, they make the most noise: VESSELS
Beach: SHORE
Surname of The Prestige’s director: NOLAN
Strongly Affirms: ASSERTS
Southern Sky Constellation Flying Fish: VOLANS
The surname of Jumanji comedian, Kevin __: HART
Level 74Food cured with fire fumes: SMOKED
Pixie-like flying creatures: FAIRIES
Combines, blends as one: FUSES
Directional symbol: ARROW
Instrument that beaten with a stick: DRUM
A heavy and often pointed wooden block: WEDGE
Muslim College: MADRASSA
Name for an emperor during the German empire: KAISER
Robbed In The Street: MUGGED
Send on: FORWARD
Stern, unsmiling: DOUR
The more the __; no limit on numbers: MERRIER
Level 75Yellow, creamy Christmas drink: EGGNOG
Attack from a low-flying aircraft: STRAFE
People seeking shelter in another place: REFUGEES
Blotchy, smeared: STREAKY
Uncomplicated: EASY
This might increase on a ride; measured by pulse: HEARTRATE
Winnie the Pooh’s sad donkey friend: EEYORE
Musical compositions with “chasing voices”: FUGUES
ABBA Female Singer With Blonde Hair Faltskog: AGNETHA
The Destruction Of The World In Norse Mythology: RAGNAROK
Tradeable Contracts Not For Now: FUTURES
Green ogre voiced by Mike Myers: SHREK
Level 76To take a statement as true: ACCEPT
The transparent frontmost layer of the eye: CORNEA
Humped animal: CAMEL
Popeye’s favorite vegetable: SPINACH
Person believed to be able to cast out demons: EXORCIST
Two teams vying to be the winner: FINALISTS
Stream Overflowing From Melted Snow: FRESHET
Trees we get syrup from: MAPLES
Well Versed In Moral Philosophy: ETHICIST
Chain of moon craters: CATENA
File suffix for an Excel spreadsheet: XLS
The __ of Adam, Michelangelo painting: CREATION
Level 77Global word for fighting, arguments: CONFLICT
Bank robbery: HEIST
Ancient Greek soldier: HOPLITE
Big parties, like for a birthday: BASHES
Colonial insect: ANT
Choice in an election: VOTE
Conflicts, quarrels: CLASHES
Wooden barriers separating gardens: FENCES
Chris The Last British Governor Of Hong Kong: PATTEN
A consequence that was always going to happen: INEVITABLE
Joy, euphoria, delight: ELATION
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks initialism: BPOE
Level 78Consume a liquid: DRINK
Needlework with a single hooked needle: CROCHET
Shrinking in fear: COWERING
Meant to do, planned: INTENDED
A small group of trees: GROVE
A temporary interruption: HITCH
John Lennon’s Weybridge, Surrey home: KENWOOD
Fad, craze: TREND
UK Chemist Dorothy Penicillin Scientist: HODGKIN
John Lee __, blues guitarist of Boom Boom: HOOKER
To sell small items from a stall or machine: VEND
Julie __, sang Don’t Cry for Me Argentina: COVINGTON
Level 79A powerful criminal’s right-hand guy: HENCHMAN
A long time: AGES
Describes animals with sharp canine teeth: FANGED
Glass plant house: GREENHOUSE
Take amiss: RESENT
Large group of spectators: CROWD
Lange Photographer Known For Migrant Mother: DOROTHEA
Larry who played J. R. Ewing in Dallas: HAGMAN
Looks toward: FACES
Angelou poem I Know Why the __ Bird Sings: CAGED
Pique Coeur Trefle The Tile In French Cards: CARREAU
Level 80Exercise in a gym: TRAIN
Makes or sells boats: BOATMAN
Island nation with its capital at Kingston: JAMAICA
Bushy hairstyle: AFRO
Hold Your ____: HORSES
Curly, waffle, French or crinkle-cut: FRIES
Generic Description Of A Knight Pawn Bishop Say: CHESSMAN
Three-letter alpha code for San Marino: SMR
Sir John Who Composed The Crucifixion In 1887: STAINER
The Fool In A Kings Court: JESTER
Overdue Unpaid Rent Payments: ARREARS
The French Center Of Winnipeg St: BONIFACE
Level 81Small weasel, sometimes kept as a pet: FERRET
Ineffective: USELESS
Become neglected: LANGUISH
Rigid: STIFF
Devious stratagem used in manipulation: WILE
Writer of Equus about a boy who harms horses: SHAFFER
Small group of fighters, not large ape: GUERILLA
Pregnant ladies get this in feet, ankles: SWELLING
Person Who Sports Clothing: WEARER
Tea Marketers With Oldest Logo Still In Use: TWININGS
Sheriff Who Shot And Killed Billy The Kid Pat: GARRETT
Level 82TV or radio channel: STATION
Sweet __ sour: AND
Brothers of daughters: SONS
Natural fibre: COTTON
Gone … the Wind: WITH
Exclamation of someone who found a clue: AHA
The “way” in Chinese philosophy: TAO
Vehicle frame: CHASSIS
Japanese nature religion: SHINTO
Italian Painter From 16th C Real Name Tiziano: TITIAN
Author of The Handmaid’s Tale: Margaret __: ATWOOD
Shaped like the wafer base of an ice cream: CONIC
Level 83Farm vehicles that pull agricultural machinery: TRACTORS
Kind of soup: BROTH
Quite close: NEAR
Not acceptable: INTOLERABLE
Panda’s favorite food: BAMBOO
Floor or ceiling supports in a building: JOISTS
Bridget __, Helen Fielding’s fictional diarist: JONES
Narrow road: LANE
Italian Semi Firm Aged Sheep Cheese: CROTONESE
Inhalations: BREATHS
Look like, appear to be: RESEMBLE
Furniture leg used in Chippendale furniture: CABRIOLE
Level 84Full of frantic activity: HECTIC
Hiccup or stumbling block to a plan: SNAG
The seats provided to the spectators: SEATING
Imparting knowledge: EDUCATING
Support frame for an artist’s painting: EASEL
Relating to sight: VISUAL
Synonym for code of morality; university course: ETHICS
Non Believers: ATHEISTS
Island nation, formerly called the Ellice Islands: TUVALU
Pure gasoline without harmful metal: UNLEADED
Large White Seabird With Yellow Head: GANNET
Takes an upright position; does not sit: STANDS
Level 85Fail to interest: BORE
Put into different words: PARAPHRASE
Growth of long hair on a horse: MANE
Meet, gather: CONVENE
A lion-headed creature that breathes fire: CHIMERA
Sides of a cut gemstone: FACETS
Feather Like Arrangement Of Leaflets On A Leaf: PINNATION
Largest desert in the world: SAHARA
File format for storing multiple digital images: BITMAP
Top up a drink; make clean: FRESHEN
Points where two or more lines intersect: VERTICES
Level 86Strategic plans and actions: TACTICS
Thick, woody arms of trees: BRANCHES
To come into view: APPEAR
Shack, hut: SHANTY
Thin layer of ice: FROST
Maintain: PRESERVE
A contest of speed: RACE
Major Indus Empire City: HARAPPA
Ariel, Helvitica, Times Roman, etc.: fonts or __: TYPEFACES
Tiny Rapid Movement: VIBRATION
Muscle contraction either concentric or eccentric: ISOTONIC
Hindu Religious Offering Sweet Sugar Ball: TARASARI
Level 87Moving rhythmically to music: DANCING
Urban area: TOWN
Money that is owed: ARREARS
Raise the sails on a boat: HAUL
Covering new nail growth on acrylic sets: INFILL
Principles, values: IDEALS
Called the same number again: REDIALED
Laboratory devices that spin things at high speeds: CENTRIFUGES
Town where Shakespeare was born: __-upon-Avon: STRATFORD
Inscribed: WRITTEN
Greek island famed for ancient Colossus statue: RHODES
Pittsburgh NFL team: STEELERS
Level 88Loves inflicting pain: SADIST
Leftover, unused: SPARE
Traps with a wire: SNARES
Upper covering: ROOF
Sound a bird or cricket makes: CHIRP
Catholic canonized holy person: SAINT
Collide: CRASH
Describes Nerves That Move Outwards From Organs: EFFERENT
Teacher of sports: COACH
Vain and arrogant: CONCEITED
Introductory part of a questionnaire: SCREENER
Bast Egyptian Protection Goddess Of Bubastis: PATRONESS
Level 89Its capital is Tehran: IRAN
To receive acknowledgment for one’s achievements: RECOGNITION
Burned to a cinder: CREMATED
A bag filled beach dirt: SANDBAG
Having six sides: HEXAGONAL
For the most part: MAINLY
Grand Slam sport: TENNIS
His heel was his only weak spot: ACHILLES
Self Absorbed Narcissists: EGOTISTS
A metered car used for transporting people: TAXICAB
Worker Who Scrapes Patterns Into Hard Materials: ETCHER
Made a digital copy of: SCANNED
Level 90Chest bone: RIB
Car, motor, vehicle: AUTO
Precision, exactness: ACCURACY
Not taking something serious seriously: FACETIOUS
Put up with: SUFFER
An archaic term for a lover: PARAMOUR
Someone who doesn’t belong: MISFIT
A person who rules with absolute power: AUTOCRAT
Ex-Portuguese capital, replaced by Lisbon in 1255: COIMBRA
Crunchy, burned food: CRISPY
Frosty Month Of The French Revolutionary Calendar: FRIMAIRE
Level 91On time, prompt: PUNCTUAL
Not relaxed: TENSE
Challenges, quests: MISSIONS
Uninspiring and dull: LAME
Tests you whether you are a bot or human: CAPTCHA
Page number in a printed book: FOLIO
Section of soldiers: PLATOON
Dramatically strut or stomp off: FLOUNCE
Sound in mind: SANE
Son Of Helios Who Crashed The Sun Chariot: PHAETHON
Socialist Beliefs And Principles: LEFTISM
Slim Medical Tubes For Sucking Up Liquids: PIPETTES
Level 92A word for very loose-fitting clothes: BAGGY
__ your own horn: TOOT
Regular, normal: ORDINARY
Describes a beach without stones or pebbles: SANDY
Animal catcher: TRAPPER
Eats Away At Through Erosion: ABRADES
Trash can: BIN
Used for injections: SYRINGE
Those one is competing against: OPPONENTS
Starts Inceptions Commencements: ONSETS
Investigations, inquiries: PROBES
Level 93Clothing adopted for taking the black runs: SKIWEAR
Is of importance and consequence: MATTERS
Without companionship: LONELY
Native of the 49th US state: ALASKAN
Noisy baby toys: RATTLES
Asthma device: INHALERS
The Wailers: a reggae band once led by Bob __: MARLEY
Be worthy of: MERIT
Andy, who played Gollum in the Lord of the Rings: SERKIS
NY A Frequent Summer Retreat For Mark Twain: ELMIRA
Series of items that you want, maybe for Xmas: WISHLIST
Level 94Lab scientists: CHEMISTS
Baseball player: CATCHER
Nature of reality in Buddhism: DHARMA
Lacking energy: LISTLESS
Person that looks exactly like another: RINGER
___ Comics: MARVEL
Desired Eg A Specific Food: CRAVED
African wild cat with black spots and a long neck: SERVAL
Trademarked substance for resurfacing the roads: TARMAC
Angelina Jolie’s archaeologist role, __ Croft: LARA
Kent Mansion Grace And Favour Home Of Foreign Sec: CHEVENING
Dogs wag these when they’re happy: TAILS
Level 95Avoid capture by someone: ELUDE
Female monarch: QUEEN
What doctors ask about at a checkup: HEALTH
Low stuffed seat: OTTOMAN
Group of soldiers: SQUAD
Two men in a sword fight: DUELISTS
Marvel39s Interdimensional Insect Conqueror: ANNIHILUS
Pankhurst One Of The First Suffragettes: EMMELINE
German composer of A Midsummer Night’s Dream: MENDELSSOHN
Most Foppishly Attired: DANDIEST
Jerseys In The Tour De France: MAILLOTS
Limit on numbers: QUOTA
Level 96Lawyer: ATTORNEY
Strip off: PEEL
Sheen, gloss: LUSTER
Precious jewels: GEMSTONES
Player who is behind home plate: CATCHER
Romantic: AMOROUS
Form of an isomer, not cis: TRANS
Member of Kurdish military organization in Iraq: PESHMERGA
Social Site Coordinates Real Life Encounters: MEETUP
More eminent: AUGUSTER
Plants whose seeds can make chocolate: CACAOS
Disgusting Study That Examines Vomiting: EMETOLOGY
Level 97Water that comes from the sky: RAINFALL
To have put on clothes: DRESSED
Favoring kin when hiring: NEPOTISM
Mild heat: WARMTH
Dinosaur, anagram of parrot: RAPTOR
Nine-headed monster: HYDRA
Thrombocytes They Help Stop Bleeding: PLATELET
Nakamoto Bitcoin Digital Currency Designer: SATOSHI
Very limited: NARROW
Plant where crude oil is processed: REFINERY
Religion Founded By Joseph Smith: MORMONISM
Berlin District Home To A Museum Complex: DAHLEM
Level 98Accept existence of: ACKNOWLEDGE
So foolish it’s funny: LUDICROUS
Give to a good cause: DONATE
Female performer in a musical or stage recital: SHOWGIRL
Kept or stowed for future use: STORED
Box device for keeping watches ticking over: WINDER
Dale, NASCAR driver with multiple title wins: EARNHARDT
Declaring Illegal: OUTLAWING
Descends, drops, goes down in water: SINKS
Sketching with a pencil: DRAWING
Sliding Between Musical Notes: GLISSANDO
Marks left on skin after nails scrape against it: SCRATCHES
Level 99Successful, productive: EFFECTIVE
Confidential: SECRET
Conjure up: EVOKE
Shout out, or dial someone on a phone: CALL
Place of safety or refuge: HAVEN
Shirt arms: SLEEVES
Verdi’s last opera: FALSTAFF
One Who Drops Or Sprinkles Things Eg Seeds: SCATTERER
Russian Wrestler Lost Twice In Nearly 900 Matches: KARELIN
Iron oxide commonly found in rocks and stones: HEMATITE
Surrealist sculptor Donati’s first name: ENRICO
Level 100Oversensitive: TOUCHY
Flower of love: ROSE
Perform surgery: OPERATE
Flattened surface: SMOOTHED
Eating device with prongs: FORK
People in charge, responsible for decision making: AUTHORITY
Speaking against God: HERESY
Watch or clock: TIMEPIECE
Study of numbers: MATH
Astonished Dumbfounded: STUPEFIED
First of 12 minor prophets in most Hebrew bibles: HOSEA
Talk, voice your opinion: SPEAK
Level 101Consistent, reasoned argument: COHERENT
Deficiency; failure to attain a goal: SHORTFALL
Job learner: TRAINEE
Inner parts: INSIDES
Silly, foolish: DAFT
Crystalline Sedative Hydrate: CHLORAL
Greek Word Which Is The Root For Sun: HELIOS
Low support for legs when sitting in an armchair: FOOTREST
The most petite, graceful: DAINTIEST
Palestinian social democratic political party: FATAH
Less hard or tough: SOFTER
Level 102Creations in someone’s mind: IDEAS
Deadly: FATAL
Olympic competitors: ATHLETES
Breathing deeply to express disappointment: SIGHING
Liquid measure: LITER
To go after: FOLLOW
Loved, cherished: ADORED
Final Confrontation: SHOWDOWN
Becoming Tired Losing Energy And Enthusiasm: FLAGGING
Removed or rubbed out: ERASED
Shined, radiated: GLOWED
Level 103Minimise the significance: DOWNPLAY
Separate a number into hundreds, tens and units: PARTITION
Hotel for criminals: JAIL
Partial for one side or the other, not neutral: BIASED
Reach your destination: ARRIVE
Midday meal: LUNCH
Furniture for coffee or dining: TABLE
Poseidon Wields Them: TRIDENTS
Bat technology: ECHOLOCATION
Get off a flight: DEPLANE
Edmonton NHL athlete: OILER
Target ring in archery: INNER
Level 104Someone who doesn’t believe in any god: ATHEIST
Cowboy rope: LASSO
Wailing Irish Spirit: BANSHEE
Like an empty balloon: AIRLESS
Red gemstone: GARNET
Trap for catching animals: SNARE
Language Spoken In Modern Day Brittany: BRETON
People Children Shouldnt Talk To: STRANGERS
Double stars: BINARIES
Things one owns: BELONGINGS
Illegally made and sold music recordings: BOOTLEGS
Device Used For Artificial Respiration: INHALATOR
Level 105Related to sight: VISUAL
Chicago ___: BULLS
Doubts everything: SKEPTIC
Cut or mute any inappropriate content: CENSOR
Engage in a contest: COMPETE
Smells terribly: REEKS
Capable of being seen: VISIBLE
Protective outer layer of an ocean bivalve: CLAMSHELL
Baby seals: PUPS
Someone Who Owns Manages A Bar: BARKEEP
Claw of a bird of prey: TALON
Level 106State of being strong and healthy: FITNESS
Changes to political systems and policies: REFORMS
Compass point opposite southwest: NORTHEAST
Pine, elm, maple: TREE
Washing shampoo out of hair: RINSE
Paces, walking measurements: FOOTSTEPS
Walls can be coated in this liquid: PAINT
Children without parents: ORPHANS
Leaves Once Used In Root Beer And Creole Cuisine: SASSAFRAS
Swiss River In The Bernese Alps Also Called Saane: SARINE
Second-year high school students: SOPHOMORES
The least hard: SOFTEST
Level 107One of the wondrous, giant mausoleums in Giza: PYRAMID
Get charged too much: OVERPAY
Bed linen: SHEET
Admission of guilt: CONFESSION
Chamber for visitors: GUESTROOM
Tony Stark: IRONMAN
Large GT From Spain In A Balloon Glass: GINTONICA
Pads on which visitors to a store wipe their feet: DOORMATS
Set off a bomb: DETONATE
Adopted A New Religion: CONVERTED
United Nations children’s relief arm: UNICEF
The least tidy or neat: MESSIEST
Level 108It has a nucleus, protons, and electrons: ATOM
Wooden storage planks that are mounted on walls: SHELVES
Come out: EMERGE
The speed at which an object moves: VELOCITY
The wizard who betrays Gandalf: SARUMAN
Ringing device: BELL
Tormenting or intimidating someone who is weaker: BULLYING
Pedro Alvares European Discoverer Of Brazil: CABRAL
Arab Cloak That Is Fully Hooded And Trimmed: BURNOUS
Inability to speak or vocalize: MUTISM
The title every member of a family shares: SURNAME
Pushing roughly or heavy-handedly: SHOVING
Level 109Attack on an enemy position, or a combat mission: SORTIE
Preliminary showing: PREVIEW
Penniless: POOR
Talking like a snake: HISSING
Ability to share others’ emotions: EMPATHY
On this spot: HERE
Inclined surface: RAMP
Plant on which grapes grow: VINE
Events that set a chain of actions in motion: TRIGGERS
Spacious, sizeable: ROOMY
Defeat an opponent in every single game: WHITEWASH
Video tape format popular in the 1980s: VHS
Level 110Radiant beauty: GLORY
Facing the wind: WINDWARD
Distant sun: STAR
Gun filled with ammo: LOADED
Homeless person: HOBO
Simple Songs Chants Or Sayings: DITTIES
Mustang __, R&B hit from The Commitments: SALLY
A kind of man who will clutch at a straw: DROWNING
Gentle, cat-headed goddess in Ancient Egypt: BASTET
Many-headed dragon of Greek mythology: HYDRA
When The Heart Muscle Relaxes And Lets Blood In: DIASTOLE
Level 111Fabric sheet for drying hair: TOWEL
Condensed water floating in the sky: CLOUD
The warmest, most pleasing and comforting: FONDEST
Stop a movie: PAUSE
To charge a government official with misconduct: IMPEACH
On a compass, the opposite of SSW: NNE
Languid Restless Limp: LISTLESS
The Land Of The Philistines: PHILISTIA
Flintstone mum: WILMA
Bends The Rules Takes Advantage: FLOUTS
Done with sensitivity to other people’s views: DIPLOMATIC
Level 112Opening for ventilation: AIRHOLE
Plain, white ice cream from pod seeds: VANILLA
Chaps, dudes, gents: FELLAS
Jumble of strings: TANGLE
Spread out, make broader: WIDEN
Some prefer milks this way: LOWFAT
Old-fashioned tool for sharpening blades: WHETSTONE
A clock or watch face: DIAL
Kevin __; former NBA MVP for the Timberwolves: GARNETT
Cylindrical Oven Used In Middle East Central Asia: TANDOOR
Spicy culinary treatment dished out to eggs: DEVILLED
Laundry liquid for making fluffy fabrics: SOFTENER
Level 113Drops of water from eyes: TEARS
Night bird seen in Harry Potter books: OWL
The least difficult: EASIEST
Refuse to acknowledge: DISOWN
Causing resentment or envy; unjust, biased: INVIDIOUS
Originate: ARISE
Rejections; refusals to acknowledge: DENIALS
Did Not Consume Enough Food: UNDERATE
Oppressive wet heat: SWELTER
Digestive organ that can be large or small: INTESTINE
Spanish nap: SIESTA
Harsh criticism: VITRIOL
Level 114These tendrils hold trees in the ground: ROOTS
A silly person: LOON
Theatrically striking: DRAMATIC
Spicy sauce: SALSA
Beaten by a hammer: NAIL
Representative symbol: ICON
Second Largest Balearic Isle Famous For Megaliths: MINORCA
In politics, proposals that can be carried: MOTIONS
Cooking oil derived from rapeseed: CANOLA
Ethical: MORAL
An order; control over something: COMMAND
Groups Of Three Nucleotides: CODONS
Level 115Maiden or maid: VIRGIN
Member of Marvel’s biggest hero squad: AVENGER
Strong wind: GALE
This is the ___: WAY
Very very big: HUGE
Armed sea forces: NAVY
Not clear vision: BLURRY
Endure: ABEAR
A counter to measure radioactivity: GEIGER
The Tuna Can Grow To 400 Lbs: BIGEYE
Sound made to express disbelief or scorn: HAW
Level 116Ribbons and these may decorate long hair: BOWS
Red in French: ROUJE
A supreme being or deity: GOD
Entrance way: DOOR
Facial characteristics: FEATURES
Uncooked food: RAW
Public transport vehicles: BUSES
A rubber tool used to rub out something written: ERASER
Thicker More Fragrant Belgian Waffle: GAUFRE
Wilson WWI President League Of Nations: WOODROW
Level 117Photographic pieces slotted through a projector: SLIDES
Use a broom: SWEEP
A religious rite: BLESS
Past of slide: SLID
A sword type: RAPIER
Stockings and socks: HOSIERY
Stationed: BASED
Brandishes Like A Weapon: WIELDS
Suffer Ruin Or Destruction Die: PERISH
Use cordless ones to make holes in walls: DRILLS
Young male: BOY
Young woman in high society coming of age: DEB
Level 118Worn out: TIRED
No need to re-invent it!: WHEEL
Rustic countryman: PEASANT
State of reduced tensions: DETENTE
Food prepared for spreading: PASTE
Resort with mineral spring: SPA
I Lonely As A Cloud Wordsworth’s Words: WANDERED
A lump of something, like gum: WAD
Rubbers that remove pencil marks: ERASERS
Published books: PRINTED
Business that sells cars and other vehicles: DEALERSHIP
In the presence of: WITH
Level 119Solid ground: LAND
Large group of spectators: CROWD
Bug believed to burrow in hearing receptacles: EARWIG
Winged spiritual being: ANGEL
Related to nose: NASAL
Not Specific: GENERAL
Noir Shorthand For Danish Swedish TV Dramas: SCANDI
Humans have five, including touch and taste: SENSES
Became closer: NEARED
Ancient Asia Minor City One Of The 7 Churches: SARDIS
Rogers Governor Who Ended Piracy In Nassau: WOODES
Level 120Announcement or warning: NOTICE
Place in grave: BURY
Twisted together: ENTWINED
Four Messengers Of The Apocalypse: HORSEMEN
Violent weather: STORM
Greek tribe: MYRMIDON
Demolished: DESTROYED
They Fix Your Teeth: DENTISTS
2 Words Having The Same Spelling Or Pronunciation: HOMONYMS
Rookie or a beginner: NEWBIE
Certain Districts Under The Authority Of Bishops: DIOCESES
Rebellion at sea: MUTINY
Level 121A primate or close relative of humans: MONKEY
Finality: CLOSURE
Currently real: EXISTING
Travel around: TOUR
Kitchen surface: COUNTER
Art of creating cocktails: MIXOLOGY
Becoming Submerged Going Under Water: SINKING
Seeking To Defend Or Justify A Wrongdoing: EXCUSING
More Brooding Than: SULTRIER
__ Bay, the second city of Jamaica: MONTEGO
Literary Style Inspired By A Spanish Poet: GONGORISM
Level 122Star Wars Emperor: PALPATINE
The person in charge of a ship: CAPTAIN
Get rid of: DITCH
A car brand: OPEL
Lacking color: PALE
Pedestrian footpath: ALLEY
Recently, and a Stevie Wonder song: LATELY
Queen of the fairies, her king is Oberon: TITANIA
Way for pedestrians: PATH
Sharp edged: POINTY
Called To Attract Attention: COOEED
Level 123Throw forcefully: FLING
Portugal’s capital city: LISBON
Excluded: OMITTED
Explaining: DEFINING
At that point in time: THEN
Property rentals: LETTINGS
Automated software programs that imitate humans: BOTS
Historically Pieces Of Land Of A Manor: DEMESNES
__ Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967 album: SGT
Area of transition from plains to mountains: FOOTHILLS
Dormant phase of hair growth cycle: TELOGEN
Level 124The number of people in a region: POPULATION
Motion that moves food from mouth to stomach: SWALLOW
Container for a houseplant: POT
A wide street or lane, like a boulevard: AVENUE
Not shallow: DEEP
Wooden board on legs: TABLE
Unwrapped an orange: PEELED
Colorless Liquid Used In Perfumes: ANISOLE
Small Veins That Collect Blood From Capillaries: VENULES
Sultan Mizan Zainal Stadium Malaysia: ABIDIN
Gaelic for “good health” when glasses are raised: SLAINTE
Scottish Moulin Rouge actor McGregor: EWAN
Level 125Plaything for a child: TOY
Excess body weight: FAT
Professional boxer: FIGHTER
Dispose of, abolish: RID
A long-running adventure story: SAGA
Largest country in Africa: ALGERIA
Jar lid that’s difficult to loosen: TIGHT
Redesigns hair: RESTYLES
(Something Inside) So Strong singer Labi: SIFFRE
Stella Belgian Pilsner: ARTOIS
American saxophonist Julian nicknamed “Cannonball”: ADDERLEY
Eight __ Freaks, scary spider movie: LEGGED
Level 126Blue hedgehog: SONIC
Tobacco stimulant: NICOTINE
Italian milk: LATTE
Something to play: GAME
Option to decide what you want: CHOICE
A register of names: LIST
Surname of grassy English model, Kate __: MOSS
Ridding Of Impurities: CLEANSING
A Country’s Edge Along The Sea: COASTLINE
Measure of length: INCH
Generic Description Of A Knight Pawn Bishop Say: CHESSMAN
Unsure as to whether or not there is a god: AGNOSTIC
Level 127Related to computers or the internet: CYBER
Arctic owl with white feathers: SNOWY
The common currency: EURO
Wide pipe for trains: TUBE
Chair for a king or queen: THRONE
European nobleman: COUNT
The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Todd: SWEENEY
Type of cap worn by young periodical vendor: NEWSBOY
Type of dry wine used in a lobster Newburg recipe: SHERRY
Audition, trial: TRYOUT
Flat wool hat first worn by the French: BERET
To Beg Urgently Implore: BESEECH
Level 128Territory containing people under a government: NATION
Items taken from enemy of in war: LOOT
Five cent coin: NICKEL
Illustrative material in publication: ARTWORK
Small often mischievous fairy: ELF
Plant Extract Used To Soothe Bruising: ARNICA
Carolyn __, Nancy Drew writers’ pen name: KEENE
Government allocation of food or another commodity: RATION
Connection at a coffee shop: WIFI
The last scene of a performance: FINALE
Regime Old French Order Of Politics: ANCIEN
Level 129Genius or exceptional talent: BRILLIANCE
The capital of England: LONDON
So cold it has gone solid: FROZEN
Down, near the ground: LOW
Destiny: FATE
Send an email on to another person: FORWARD
Section Of Broccoli: FLORET
Simon The Apostle Of Jesus Aka The Zealot: CANAANITE
Avenida Da Lisbon’s Main Thoroughfare: LIBERDADE
One of the Frank Zappa’s sons: DWEEZIL
Gather together: COLLECT
To tidy, to straighten: NEATEN
Level 130Converse, talk: CHAT
Of or relating to the small components: MOLECULAR
Relating to the military: MARTIAL
Pickled condiment one can enjoy: RELISH
Perform in a pantomime: MUM
Tranquil: CALM
Four Bodily Fluids In Early Greek Medicine: HUMORS
Small Scale Representation: MICROCOSM
Formal word for illness, discomfort: MALAISE
Amazon Lily: EUCHARIS
Withstand, not give in to temptation: RESIST
Middle name of 1969’s president, Richard M Nixon: MILHAUS
Level 131Recover medically: HEAL
Famous black dragon: TOOTHLESS
Prescribed amount: DOSE
Another drink: REFILL
Title: NAME
__ mignon, meat cut taken from the tenderloin: FILET
Religious Exclamations Of Praise: HOSANNAS
German Three Striped Sports Brand: ADIDAS
Popular nickname of New York’s Fuller Building: FLATIRON
Via Sorrowful Route Taken By Jesus To Calvary: DOLOROSA
Central layer of a planet beneath the crust: MANTLE
Level 132Frequency of credit card payments: MONTHLY
Female who gives a party: HOSTESS
Vegetable that serves as a base for many salads: LETTUCE
Conversation: DISCUSSION
Assign, distribute: ALLOCATE
Fill it with air or helium: BALLOON
Sew Along Edge With A Decorative Method: HEMSTITCH
Twice as many: DOUBLY
Holey fish catchers: NETS
A beautiful area with water in a desert: OASIS
Feels like forever: EON
Piña __, cocktail of rum, coconut, pineapple: COLADA
Level 133Swelling part of the body: TUMOR
Velocity times change of mass over change in time: THRUST
Carlos __, singer of Black Magic Woman: SANTANA
Eye drop: TEAR
Something that sucks up a liquid, like a sponge: ABSORBER
Statement of gratitude: TRIBUTE
Greek letter corresponding to ‘r’: RHO
Arm of the Baltic between Sweden and Finland: BOTHNIA
Female Massage Therapists: MASSEUSES
Plant scientist: BOTANIST
Having More Beef Or Pork Than Another Burger Does: MEATIER
Level 134Needing more water: DEHYDRATED
Stay overnight in this low-cost accommodation: HOSTEL
An animal with antlers: DEER
Unclothed: BARE
Provide warmth: HEAT
Cap on the middle of a car wheel: HUB
1971 Richard Matheson Novel: HELLHOUSE
With certainty: SURELY
Electric serpentine swimmer: EEL
People who are no longer teenagers: ADULTS
D in NATO’s phonetic alphabet: DELTA
Blue-footed bird in the genus Sula: BOOBY
Level 135Give guidance: ADVISE
Stable, firmly fixed: STEADY
Cutter: SLICER
Organs of sight: EYES
Male or female: SEX
Long orange vegetable: CARROT
Lightweight fabric often used for school PE tops: AERTEX
Huge Particle Accelerator Is The Large Hadron This: COLLIDER
Cylinder Shaped Lily Peace Lily: CALLALILY
Low area between mountains: VALE
Gains pleasure from, delights in: REVELS
Well-known coffee shop chain: COSTA
Level 136Spade-like tool: SHOVEL
Coca cola’s lemon lime soda: SPRITE
Traffic light color: GREEN
Lad: BOY
Total number determined: COUNTED
Grumbled And Complained Like A Game Bird: GROUSED
Superior: UPPER
Breaks In And Steals From A Property: BURGLES
Recorded the features of a piece of land: SURVEYED
The Love Bug About A Volkswagen Beetle Named: HERBIE
First name of English actor Cumberbatch: BENEDICT
Level 137Might, perhaps: COULD
To give something a covering or to encase it: CLAD
The first man: ADAM
Grown-up: ADULT
Apple computer: MAC
Be in first position, at the front: LEAD
Roman Built Segovia Site Used To Transport Water: ACUEDUCTO
Clump of blood: CLOT
Found Where Something Is: LOCATED
Double: DUAL
A Coat With Eye Like Markings: OCELLATED
Breakfast, lunch or dinner: MEAL
Level 138Drinks bought for everyone in a group: ROUND
Negotiate: DEAL
Reveal information or details: DIVULGE
Physical strength: VIGOR
Unquestionably: INDEED
A will is no good if it’s this; blank dotted line: UNSIGNED
Recommended But Not Compulsory: ADVISORY
Means of cooking: GRILL
… Bolt, Jamaican athlete and olympian: USAIN
US Author Known For The Recognitions: GADDIS
Cereal grain related to barley, wheat: RYE
Level 139Bird on a one dollar bill: EAGLE
Notice: DETECT
Where something is located: SITE
Barred container: CAGE
Untopped part of a pizza: CRUST
The most extravagant: FANCIEST
Ancient Tribe Who Gave The Romans Their Language: LATINS
A sonnet has 14 of these: LINES
Creatures With Body Of A Lion Head Of An Eagle: GRIFFINS
Small military force: UNIT
How Italians Say 11: UNDICI
Aquaman’s weapon: TRIDENT
Level 140The edge of a steep rock face: CLIFF
Group related by blood or marriage: TRIBE
Uneven: ROUGH
Bright: CLEAR
Thin strip of cloth: RIBBON
Borders, boundaries: FRONTIERS
Levantine Salad With Bulgur Wheat And Parsley: TABBOULEH
Chinese Soybean Sauce Meat Glaze: HOISIN
Trips by plane: FLIGHTS
Give support to, like in a court: CORROBORATE
Albrecht Creator Of The William Tell Legend: GESSLER
Level 141By oneself, solo: ALONE
Assistant referee: LINESMAN
Not to be altered: FINAL
Throwing a coin in one brings good luck: FOUNTAIN
Water-chute ride at an amusement park: FLUME
John __, Beatle assassinated in New York in 1980: LENNON
Heating glass or metal to alter its properties: ANNEAL
The Ugly Duckling’s outcome: SWAN
Beef cattle and their homeland in central France: LIMOUSIN
One Percent Milk: LOWFAT
Ineffective: USELESS
Level 142Make amends or reparation: ATONE
Early stage of life: YOUTH
Get up: STAND
Cereal grass: WHEAT
Reveal: SHOW
It was his idea to breach Troy in a giant horse: ODYSSEUS
Eagle-__, paying close attention to detail: EYED
Minaret Of An Incomplete Moroccan Mosque Tower: HASSAN
Perch River In Eastern North Dakota: SHEYENNE
Clint and his actor son Scott __: EASTWOOD
Laws Established By A Legislative Body: STATUTES
Lower Internal Wall Sections: DADOES
Level 143Far Eastern island country: JAPAN
Marine animal: SEAL
Uninspiring and dull: LAME
Sense: FEEL
Strong fastener: CLAMP
Joyous or praising songs or poems: PAEANS
Infected fluid found in zits: PUS
Europe’s most extensive mountain range: ALPS
Where college students congregate: CAMPUS
… Austen, English novelist: JANE
Confront: FACE
Level 144To help or aid someone: ASSIST
King of the jungle: LION
Global word for fighting, arguments: CONFLICT
Of mixed ancestry: HYBRID
Type of stone used to ignite fires: FLINT
Banned by social norms: TABOO
Where Sailing Vessels Are Built And Maintained: BOATYARD
Employees: STAFF
Timothy McVeigh’s accomplice: Terry __: NICHOLS
Country that’s the home of pizza and pasta: ITALY
City where John F. Kennedy was assassinated: DALLAS
Level 145Visit from beyond the grave: HAUNT
Bulk: MASS
Huge snake: ANACONDA
Summer shoe: SANDAL
Prickly desert plant: CACTUS
Type of rummy, object to make sets of seven cards: CANASTA
Bird With Large Bright Bill: TOUCAN
1940s Indian leader __ Gandhi (not Mahatma!): MOHANDAS
A beauty queen might wear this ribbon: SASH
The 12 divisions of the year: MONTHS
Thank You In Hawaiian: MAHALO
Level 146Remain: STAY
Use teeth: BITE
Strand for sewing: THREAD
Shingle expert: ROOFER
Source: ROOT
Believer in the teaching of Siddhartha Gautama: BUDDHIST
Lawyer Kardashian who married Kris Jenner: ROBERT
Latin word for earth: TERRA
Site of the Margravial opera house in Bavaria: BAYREUTH
Dog sound: ARF
Level 147Legal union of two people, vows are exchanged: MARRIAGE
Acrophobia is the fear of __: HEIGHTS
Study of physical world through experimentation: SCIENCE
A very small amount: TRACE
Reward used for motivation: INCENTIVE
Weenie Is Very Small: TEENIE
Overcome by shaking and trembling: ASHIVER
Precious stone, jewel: GEM
Extremely wealthy Mali ruler, __ Musa: MANSA
Great Expectations Spinster: HAVISHAM
Quoting a text in a piece of written work: CITING
Level 148Barter over price: HAGGLE
Living area of animals: HABITAT
Short for evacuation: EVAC
Hairy coat with the skin of a mammal: FUR
Gasoline: FUEL
Lower clef in music: BASS
Unscrupulous Seizures: GRABBERS
Wave riders who hang ten: SURFERS
Grade school snitch: TATTLER
Sharp Witted Person Who Assesses Situations: ASTUTER
Release a long breath: SIGH
Collar Bones: CLAVICLES
Level 149Taken Into Police Custody: ARRESTED
Ruler of basketball: FIBA
Recurring phrase or verse in a poem: REFRAIN
Digital book: EBOOK
Thomas ___: EDISON
Lower part of a dress: SKIRT
Wicker Cribs: BASSINETS
Job, activity: TASK
Nuee Cloud Of Suffocating Gases From A Volcano: ARDENTE
__ vision, the power to see heat: INFRARED
One Who Returns Something To Its Original Condition: RESTORER
Level 150A place for school lunches and food fights: CAFETERIA
Matrimony: MARRIAGE
Fix a boat to a quayside: MOOR
Formal contest: MATCH
Arrogant person: SNOB
Part of the leg: THIGH
When a Child Is Born crooner, Johnny __: MATHIS
iPhone video call: FACETIME
Reaper who brings death: GRIM
Digger for gold or coal: MINER
Detest Loathe: ABOMINATE

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