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What is the weight of the empty container?

What is the weight of the empty container?

There are 3 containers. Full container weighs 120g while, half container and an empty container weigh 150g.

Now, you have to find the weight of this empty container. Let’s see if you can do it.

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Answer for above container puzzle:



As per first image, full container weight is 120g so let’s put it as an equation where X is weight of container and Y is weight of liquid inside it(when full)

X + Y = 120g ==> Y = 120g – X

As per second image, half container and an empty container weighs 150g so equation would be like

X+1/2Y+X=150g (There are 2 containers and half filled liquid)





X=60g and Y = 120g – 60g = 60g

So as per equation, an empty container weight 60g while liquid inside is 60g(when full).

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