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Tricky Math Puzzles

Math puzzles are always my favorite. Whenever, I have some free time, I like solving some tricky math puzzles. These puzzles are not only good time pass but also provides human brain a good exercise it needs to solve daily problems in our life.

Earlier, we published fun math puzzles like Fun Horse Shoe Math Puzzle or Fun math brainteaser . These puzzles got a very good response on social media and went viral. So, we decided to publish some of tricky math puzzles which will challenge your brain. Let’s see if you can solve these easy but tricky math puzzles.

5 Tricky Math Puzzles

  1. Correct the equation
    Correct the equation by inserting just one line.

You can find answers at the end of this post.

  1. Find a number divisible by 1 to 9
Find a number consisting of 9 digits in which each of the digits from 1 to 9 appears only once. This number should satisfy the following requirements:
a. The number should be divisible by 9.
b. If the most right digit is removed, the remaining number should be divisible by 8.
c. If then again the most right digit is removed, the remaining number should be divisible by 7.
d. etc. until the last remaining number of one digit which should be divisible by 1.
  1. Puzzle – What is weight of one brick?

One Brick is one kilogram and half a brick heavy. What is the weight of one brick

  1. Tricky Math Puzzle – symbol in between 5 and 9

What mathematical symbol can be put between 5 and 9, to get a number bigger than 5 and smaller than 9?

  1. Puzzle – Number of people in Library?
    You knock a chair over in the library, and suddenly 20 eyes are looking at you. How many people are in the library?

Tricky Math Puzzles Answers

  1. change a + sign to 4 by adding a line diagonally
  1. The number is 381654729. Check detailed answer on pzzls

The number is 381654729 because
381654729 / 9 = 42406081
38165472 / 8 = 477068
3816547 / 7 = 545221
381654 / 6 = 63609
38165 / 5 = 7633
3816 / 4 = 954
381 / 3 = 127
38 / 2 = 19
3 / 1 = 3

  1. What is weight of one brick? Puzzle answer

    Answer is 2KG

    1 Brick (B) = 1 kg + 1/2 Brick(B)
    B = 1 + (1/2)B
    B – (1/2)B = 1
    (1/2)B = 1
    B = 1*2
    B = 2 KG
  1. Math symbol between 5 and 9 puzzle answer
    A Decimal Point so it becomes 5.9
  1. Number of people in library puzzle answer
    Answer is 11. 20 eyes belong to 10 people, plus you of course.

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