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How old is Eden?

How old is Eden?   Three brothers Kylan, Thor and Eden lives in Atlanta.  The product of ages of these brothers is 175.  Kylan and Thor are twins.  How old… Read more »

How many kids?

Can you solve this brainteaser? Brainteaser : How many kids are in the class? 14 of the kids in the class are girls. 8 of the kids wear blue shirts…. Read more »

Easy Math Brainteaser

Easy Math Brainteaser   Can you solve this math brainteaser? If some of triangle and square is 6, And 6 times of square is equal to triangle square then what… Read more »

how many animals are going towards river?

  One rabbit saw 6 elephants while going towards River. Every elephant saw 2 monkeys going towards river. Every monkey holds one parrot in their hands. Now tell me how… Read more »

Solve this number puzzle

Can you complete the third figure by following the pattern in the previous two figures?   Find answer here:

Number Patten Puzzle

What should come at the place of ? What should come at the place of ? Find answer here:

What makes this number unique?

What makes this number unique?     Click below link if you don’t know answer:

Can you make 5?

    Using only two 2’s and any combination of mathematical signs, symbols and functions can you make 5?