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Easy puzzle for you

Very easy puzzle for you all.   If you are running a race and you pass the person in second. What place are you in?       Answer: Many of you might have answered it that now you are in FIRST place but correct answer is second place. When you cross a person who […]

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Name week days puzzle

Name four days of week which starts with Letter “T”?   Keywords: Puzzle to share with friends, Week day puzzles, Name week day tricky puzzle, Whatsapp group puzzles.

Puzzles for Kids Simple Puzzles

Nice Easy Tricky puzzle to share

Share this simple puzzle with your friends. Johnny’s mother has four children. The first child’s name is April. The second child’s name is May. The third child’s name is June. What is the fourth child’s name?

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Nice puzzles to share with friends

Fun questions, ask your friends and see what they answer. These are simple, funny and tricky questions. Your friends or colleague will like these for sure.   Just for Fun: Q. Where do fishes keep money? A. At river bank. Q. Which is the most shocking city in the world? A. Electricity.   Q. Which […]

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Puzzles to share on whatsapp

Math Puzzle: Test you brain and solve it. Birthday Puzzle:

Cool Brainteasers Simple Puzzles

Best Puzzles to puzzle you

Share this on Facebook if you find the mistake: Keywords: Find mistake puzzle, Easy puzzle and riddles, Best Facebook puzzles How does our mind work? Try this to find out what happens when we confuse our mind: Don’t read what is written, call it by color. Like YELLOW should be called GREEN. Why is it […]

Math Puzzles

Solve these Math Brainteasers

Are you good in math? Try these math puzzle see if you can solve these. 1. If 1 + 1 = 5 2 + 2 =20 3 + 3  = 45 then 4 + 4 = ?   2. When you go to a store to buy 100 chocolates, you are given offer to hand […]

Math Puzzles

Puzzle of the day

Can you solve this puzzle? It is simple but tricky puzzle. Share it with your friends and see if they do it. 5 Friends were eating apples. A finished eating apple before B, but behind C. D finished before E, but behind B. What was the finishing order? See Answer Here   Keywords: Math Puzzles, […]

Simple Puzzles हिंदी पहेली

Bhuk lage to kha lena Pyas lage to pi lena with answer

This riddle has gone viral on Facebook and Whatsapp. I also got this riddle through a whatsapp message and I decided to publish this riddle here. Enjoy this riddle and if you don’t know the answer then I have published it here for you. If you like this riddle then don’t forget to share it […]

General Knowledge

Tricky Funny General Knowledge Questions

These questions are tricky but are just for fun. You are in party and wants to have some fun, ask these questions to friends. I am sure they will like these questions.   Q. Where was first potato found? . . A. In the ground (where else it can be 😀 ) Q. What can fly but has […]